Patient Vanguard

Give a man a fish, & you feed him for a day . . .

Teach a man to fish, & you feed him for a lifetime.

Chinese Proverb

About Us

We are a consulting practice focused on the design and delivery of state-of-the-art Patient Services in Health Care, with the Health Care Consumer being at the center of it all.  Our clients come from a wide range of providers or stateholders in Health Care: Services & Care Delivery; Insurance; Content; Information Technology; Large Employers; & Third-Party (TPAs).

Our Team provides a particular focus and expertise in:

  • Building "Patient-centered Care in US Health Care service delivery, undergirded by proven "Best Business Practices" in Customer Experience methods;
  • Crafting the optimal Patient Experience, & its management;
  • Creating Health Care services & products that "listen to," & include the "Voice-of-the-Patient" views in all that is delivered;
  • Anticipating & meeting ongoing Patient medical information management needs;
  • Optimizing the "Patient/Provider Engagement Process" driven by learnings from Patient Co-design Initiatives; &
  • Helping Health Care Providers leverage every Patient "Touch-Point" in the delivery of Care.


Our practice also offers specific educational products & tools to Health Care Consumers (Patients & their Families) about how to:


  • Use their medical records & information to manage their Patient Experience;
  • Navigate the Health Care System during treatment. from a Patient-centered point-of-view.